Winter Swing Meetings/CEDA agenda 2013

February 17, 2013

Minutes of the Fullerton Meeting

Minutes of the UNT Meeting

2013 CEDA agenda

Fullerton 2013 meeting

October 9, 2012

Minutes of the Kentucky, fall 2012 meeting

Agenda for the 2013 meeting at CSUF

Agenda for the Fall 2012 meeting at Kentucky

September 27, 2012

Agenda is here

Minutes of Texas 2012 meeting

February 12, 2012

Minutes are here

Next meeting in fall of 2012, presumably at GSU.

Entrance and participation rules

September 18, 2011

Final text is pending approval

The document is here

Items for Texas, 2012 meeting

September 18, 2011

The agenda is here.

The minutes of the 2011 GSU meeting are here.

The director’s statement on mutual judge preference is added as a page; the link is to the right.

Georgia State 2011 Agenda

August 31, 2011

Please see the posts below for the minutes of the Kentucky meeting and the travel delay recommendations.

Key items for this meeting include language about judge preference procedures and goals, how to handle tournament delays due to tabulation problems, travel delays, and possible ways to support software and web development.

The full agenda is here.

Agenda for the Kentucky Meeting

August 23, 2011


The Council of Tournament Directors — state of the recommendations

February 22, 2010

More information concerning the Council of Tournament Directors appears on the “about” link.  For those already familiar with our work, the Best Practices recommendations appear in two documents.  The first is the report from the 2009 Developmental Conference.  The second is the document to emerge from the 3 2009-10 meetings; all recommendations and their adoption dates are noted in the text.  We will next meet in the fall of 2010; the agenda is posted to the right.  We anticipate reviewing the specific language of the rules we discussed at the 2010 CEDA meeting.

Document: What tournament directors need to know about judge placement

Document: Travel delays — proposed recommendations

Document: Minutes of the 2011 Kentucky meeting